About Me

Hi I'm Amy, a writer, blogger, reporter and kitchen entrepreneur. I love to bake, I'll try anything once, sometimes even twice if I'm feeling a spurt of patience (rare, but occasional) and I make plenty of mistakes along the way.

That's me in the middle, with my pride and joy.

If you check in regularly you'll get to see my triumphs, my failures and my numerous kitchen messes. Plus you'll get all the recipes I've tried and tips for baking successfully.

I'll try to provide pictures with every post, hopefully pretty enough to entice you in to baking things!

I started this blog in January 2009, and have managed to post pretty regularly since then - but sometimes I get busy! While I focus mostly on baking cakes, cookies, pies and tarts - I have done a little cookie decorating on the side, plus some more savory recipes.

In March 2010, a tree crashed through my bedroom. It took months to finish all the repairs. I may mention this from time to time.  

Oh and once I made a cow cake.

Today, I live in Jerusalem... with a very interesting kitchen. It may or may not be hampering my baking mojo. 

Email me at BakingandMistaking [AT] gmail [DOT] com with any comments, suggestions or tips, or to tell me about your baking adventures!

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