Monday, April 4, 2011

Flour-Free But Still Fabulous

For the next few weeks I'll be cutting out some key ingredients here at Baking and Mistaking. The biggest of which, is flour. If you celebrate Passover, you're probably thinking - what are you waiting for, it's less than three weeks away starting any minute! And if you don't, you're likely wondering what on earth I'm talking about and why you would bother coming to my little corner of the interwebs anytime soon. 
Well, the truth is, that Passover-keeping or not, you should keep checking in here for the mouthwatering, exciting and delicious desserts that I'll continue to feature, that will have you forgetting those few ingredients that just happen to be missing.

So before I share some new and interesting flour-free desserts, I'll refresh your memory of all the great things already featured here that are perfect for Passover, with no adjustments. 

First - Lemon Meringue Thumbprints

These dual-component cookies are light, citrusy, and extremely addictive. You can eat about 12 of them without even realizing. Add containing just eggs, lemon, sugar and a touch of butter or margarine, they're perfect for Passover.

Peppermint Patties

After the big, heavy meals that are de rigueur for much of Passover (yes, I can eat four matzah balls in one sitting), peppermint patties are a nice, refreshing, "lighter" dessert - if you can find peppermint extract for Passover.

Strawberry Sorbet:
As Passover arrives, so does Spring, and with it the return of beautiful berries and fruits. So whip up a batch of this strawberry sorbet in five minutes (you can also use frozen berries), or switch it up with raspberries or other fruits.

Chocolate Mousse:
If anyone ever asks me for a Passover dessert, I suggest chocolate mousse. With two ingredients, none of them found on the forbidden list for this holiday, it's really a no-brainer. You can make them in individual cups to up the adorable factor, or one large bowl for ease.

So, that's what I've made so far that works for this confusing and befuddling holiday. But check in for the next two weeks for more decadent, delicious and delightful desserts - that you would be thrilled to serve year round. And if you don't celebrate Passover, these recipes will have you knocking on my door and pretending you are Elijah just to get a taste.

So, come back tomorrow for the first look in to my Passover baking plans!

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