Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New Things

Hi all -

A couple new things around here at Baking and Mistaking. 
First - The layout! I felt like a little winter cleaning. Things may keep changing if I get bored. Anything could happen!
Second - All blog posts now jump to a new page. This allows for more posts to appear on the home page for easy scrolling around. 
Third - I added an FAQ page - it's on the right here. Feel free to check it out and see if I answered all your questions. Sorry, I'm still unclear on the meaning of life.

Well that was pretty boring. Here's a picture of three doughnut ice cream sandwiches to make it up to you. Yes, doughnut, ice cream, sandwich. Take a doughnut, slice it in half, fill with ice cream. Don't worry, I only ate one of them (obviously the middle one). And it was insane! Jealous?


  1. Love your new look and design.
    And your FAQ answers all the questions I always wanted to ask and didn't dare........
    Doda M

  2. The new look rocks! And, doughnuts + ice cream + YUM!

  3. The new layout is nice! Clean. Doughnut. Ice cream. Sandwiches. YUM!!!

  4. I'm going to vote yay on the updated website and ney on the doughnut. I had the one on the right and it was, umm, odd. And required a fork!!

  5. Sarah, I'm pretty sure you finished that doughnut sandwich. And what's wrong with forks??

  6. I like the new layout! Sugar overload here I come :P