Monday, September 13, 2010

My 7th Birthday

Six weeks before my 7th birthday I moved to a whole new country. I started a new school, lived in a new house and had to make new friends.
When I was looking through old photo albums looking for some record of my 7th birthday, I came up empty. I asked my Mom, and her only response was "You probably didn't have one because you didn't have any friends." Thanks Mom.
But then I remembered, that I must have had a 7th birthday party. And I remember this because at my 7th birthday party, I didn't give an invitation to my friend Tali. I didn't invite Tali, because she used to make fun of my accent, and I didn't really like that. Well, she hasn't let me forget since (isn't it nice to have friends from when you were 7?), but I'm hoping that she'll forgive me soon. She's a pretty entertaining friend to have - she always keeps me regaled with great stories, like how her sister Hanna accidentally frosted a batch of cupcakes with frosting made from salmon cream cheese.
So anyway Tali - do you forgive me?
So, for those of you who come here just for the photos (I'm looking at you Alana), I don't want to leave you disappointed.

Here I am on grand moving day:
You can't tell, but I'm missing my two front teeth and growing out my bangs. Can you say awkward stage?
And a few days later we moved in here...
...and then many years later when the house looked like this...but that's clearly a whole other story.
So, back tomorrow with one last birthday post, albeit two days post-birthday, and then on to some actual baking once more!

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  1. You have a great memory, seriously. I don't remember my 7th birthday at all, absolutely nothing about it. I had to comment on this, because the picture of you in the truck is so awesome. There is something totally fabulous about it.