Sunday, September 5, 2010

My 2nd Birthday

Here, we are, birthday number two, I - just a small innocent child. And what does my mother do? SHE MAKES THE SAME CAKE!
That's right, this one has an awful similarity to my first birthday, does it not? Scroll down. Scroll back up. Nod in agreement. Well, at least this one has my name on it.
Well, I still seemed to appreciate the m&m balloons. So much that I had to pry them off the cake.
Although perhaps I just had to get to them because of that troublesome-looking fellow next to me. I have a feeling he may have had his eye on my m&ms. Well, he's been bugging me ever since.

Tomorrow: my third birthday! THE WORST OF ALL. And then it gets much better.


  1. is this all leading up to your birthday next week? because if so, you're going to need to step it up...WOOHOO AMY'S BIRTHDAY! and fasting.

  2. If your Mum had only known that xxx years ( your secret's safe with me) down the line you'd be blogging for the world to see that she made the same birthday cake .....she MIGHT have changed it a bit more


  3. How fun is this?! Too bad she made the same cake, but at least she made you a cake, right? Can't wait to see the next one!