Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Better Than Cake

No recipe today - but something completely adorable instead. See, my friend Sarah was very excited to present me with a gift last week. I had no idea what it was, and I was assured only that it was "personalized."

Turns out that Sarah's mom, Elyse, has a hidden talent: apron making!
[Special thanks to Sarah for volunteering to model said apron.]
Sarah picked out the fabric - blue decorated with slices of cake and pie, and the accent fabric - colored sprinkles on a pink background.
But it get's better - my name is adorably embroidered in pink at the top...

And Baking and Mistaking is stitched into the contrasting pocket! Amazing!
Not to mention the flouncy skirt, and all around cuteness. I think it might be too cute to get dirty. It's definitely nicer than most of my clothes!

Next up on Baking and Mistaking...a total disaster, coming your way this week.


  1. My mother's comment to me upon seeing this post:

    "You are so cute! Please let Amy know that I saw her website and I appreciate the thank you and the article. I do wear my apron, I just don’t wipe my hands on it."

  2. I just saw this posting! SO CUTE!!! you guys should team up and sell adorable aprons like that on ur site...