Thursday, November 19, 2009

About Last Night...

I don't have a recipe to share with you. I don't have any baking tips to advise you with.

But I do have a story. And some pictures. If you'll bear with me.

It was late last night, (read: closer to this morning) when I set out to make ice cream in my stand mixer. (Yes, it can be done without an ice cream maker, but that is so not the point of this story.)

I had my mixer set up on my kitchen counter, my ingredients all in, and I turned it up high to beat together, and walked, oh, about 10 feet away to send an e-mail.

About thirty seconds after I sat down, I heard a loud crash. As if in slow motion, my head swiveled, and what I saw before me was a scene straight from my worst nightmare. (Besides for being attacked by spiders in a crowded elevator while watching Jumanji.)

The mixer was on the floor, and huge splatters of potential ice cream were all over the couch, wall, floor, lamp and anything else in sight. Meanwhile the mixer was still happily spinning away.

I leapt from my chair and ran to the corner, where I grabbed to unplug it, first unplugging the lamp instead, then finally stopping the mixer from its reign of destruction.

As I surveyed my surroundings I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I did a little of both, then quickly got to work, sponging off the worst of the couch and moving other items out of the path of the flowing ice cream monster.

After the couch and wall were wiped clean, I stopped in my tracks and realized I had missed the most important thing. Photographing the event!

At this point I reached for my camera, capturing the moment about ten minutes in to the clean-up process.
Then the clean up continued, moving the couch away from the wall to catch what had already seeped underneath.
Approximately one thousand paper towels and 45 minutes later, all was again right with the world. Actually, it was probably cleaner than it was before!
Which meant I could then turn my attention back to the kitchen. And this:
Luckily, the mixer is very detachable, and everything but the top went straight to the sink to soak.

Let's just say...I am never stepping away from that thing again!


  1. lol - Oh No!! I feel so bad for you! But at least it makes for a good story I guess. Be glad that the mixer is still working - that thing must be indestructable!

  2. these pictures never get old. they warm my heart over here in LA...

  3. Oy vey - you're so lucky the mixer didn't smash into pieces.
    I lived with a jumping mixer for years until I replaced it.
    I actually had to hold it while it was mixing.
    Sigh - the things we dedicated bakers put up with.......
    told you we must be related ....