Friday, September 25, 2009

A Note on Cake Decorating

Cake decorating isn't really my thing. I'd like it to be - I'd love to whip up stunning wedding cakes and beautiful fondant creations and birthday cake perfections - but I can't.

I've got some things down - I can spread some nice frosting, I've even covered a couple cakes in fondant, and I was pleasantly surprised by my wedding cookies.

But one thing that really eludes me? Writing. What birthday cake is complete without a beautifully scrawled message across? But somehow my skill is writing on cake are severely lacking.

So when I created my friend Alana's birthday cake I was determined to get it right. Her cake was another thing entirely - I won't bore you with the burned fingers, oozing filling or near-drop experience, but I will tell you about the writing.

I tried.

I failed.I tried again.Moral of the story? If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Sounds familiar, right? I used to think that it didn't really apply to cake decorating - that one shot was all you got. But with the right techniques, you can fix, hide, redo and cover your mistakes.

Or run to the store.


  1. I hate hate hate writing on cakes! I cringe whenever I get a call for a birthday cake.

  2. Here's a trick I read about on a website...print out your wording from a computer in the font of your choice - take the prints and put them on a cookie sheet - cover the prints with waxed paper - then use your frosting (they used Royal Icing) Trace over the words leaving it on the wax paper - put it in the freezer for a bit - then remove from waxed paper with a flat spatula and place on the cake. SInce I "write" the same as you, I plan to give this method a shot! :)

  3. That is a great tip the person above just gave! I have never heard that one. Another way is to write it with a toothpick first. I find it is easier to trace with icing then to write free hand.

    There are also tons of easy decorating ideas and pre-made decorations at