Thursday, August 6, 2009

I have a secret

I have a secret. It's a big one. Shameful, really. A doozy. (Do people really use that word?) A whopper. A....ok I'm out.
And so is my secret, because I'm pretty sure that telling all of you means it's no longer a secret. Right?

To explain what I'm about to tell you, we must take a trip back in time together. One year ago, I was at my friend's wedding, when I realized that my camera wasn't working. It turned on and everything, but every picture was dark and grainy, and sometimes it took hours for the shutter, (yes, I'm exaggerating) and the flash was broken and sometimes it would take multiple pictures when all I wanted was one.
Suffice to say, it needed help. And I thought I could fix it. But every setting and trial I went through did nothing to help. I needed a new camera. But I didn't get one? Why? I could tell you that I'm cheap, and lazy and procrastinatory (isn't that a word?), but I don't have a real reason. I just didn't.
Now what's a baking blogger to do without a camera? Aha! In comes this baby:

Yup. My phone. Every picture you've seen on this blog so far has been taken with my phone. Explains alot about the awful pictures, right? And makes you scratch your head about the few decent ones among the hundreds of duds. I like this one. And this one. That's about it.

Well no longer! Finally, finally, long overdue, I have a new camera. And it's pretty:No bells and whistles, it's basically a point-and-shoot, but when you're moving on from a 2 MP camera phone, it's a big deal.

So from here on out...I can't promise great pictures, but I can promise in focus ones. To the future!

Stay tuned tomorrow for a new post...with real pictures!

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