Thursday, April 2, 2009

Melting Moments

It's been quite a while since I posted a complete disaster on here, and its not because I don't have them - I just procrastinate putting them up! But here goes: these melting moments looked pretty and dainty, but they just tasted awful.I wanted to try these out, because they were relatively simple, and who doesn't want to try a cookie that melts in your mouth! I got this recipe from Joy Of Baking, so I figured they would be pretty good, but oh was I wrong.
The cookies were dry, and mealy, and after one bite you were looking for somewhere to spit it out. Who knows what went wrong - it could be the recipe, the corn starch I used could have been too old, I could have not baked them correctly - either way, I doubt I'll be trying these again soon. Any suggestions or ideas?Something about throwing out two trays of cookies makes a girl reluctant to rebake.
So, there goes, just keeping up on the Mistaking end of the deal!

Tip of the Day: If your dough tastes funny raw, chances are baking it won't improve, so its in your best interest to try a little (even if you're not a cookie dough person)!


  1. Hi - I just wandered in here. I'm so sorry you had problems with these Melting Moments. We make a similar recipe, but we sandwich two together with icing (frosting). But they are definitely a sweet, light textured cookie. I had a look at the recipe - only thing I can suggest is that the sugar quantity looked a bit low.

    Then again, if you're like me, you could have left an ingredient out altogether! I did this once while teaching school kids to make ANZAC biscuits. And it was the sugar. And they didn't really taste that good.

    Which leads me to : I just put one of my favourite recipes onto its very own blog. It's ANZAC biscuits. I've annotated it. I feel like showing it off, so here goes:

    I actually thought I'd do the same thing to Melting Moments, since it's also a recipe we (that is, my clever husband) has tweaked to perfection. And one day I will!

    See ya, and keep baking

  2. The exact thing happened to me! I followed the directions on Joy of Baking and they came out dry and sucked all of the moisture out of my mouth-yuck! Any luck with trying to make these again using a different recipe?

    1. I haven't, no. I guess I was put off entirely by these!