Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chocolate Oatmeal Bars and an Epiphany

A one bowl recipe? For cookies? With butter?Yes, it can be done. I was looking online for a simple recipe for bar cookies, that of course, include only ingredients currently in my cupboards (and fridge). And I found this recipe online. For Oatmeal Chocolate Bar Cookies.
Now I love my stand mixer, really I do. But sometimes, I prefer just to use a bowl. And a spoon. And a little elbow grease. But its hard to do that for cookies, since they call for butter, which is a lot of work to mix in. Right?
Well, as this recipe pointed out, if you microwave the butter until its really soft, but not melted. It's really not too hard. And it's true.
This may not be a new epiphany for most of you. Or any of you. But it is for me. I can make anything! Without plugging in the mixer!
Okay I think you've gotten the point. Sorry for rambling. So these oatmeal bars. Were great. When they came out the oven I had to eat one.
(Yes I halved the recipe. Successfully for once!)
Warm. And chewy. Like a big oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. With less effort. And yes, I know they won't always be warm. But there's always the microwave.
So anyway, I couldn't just eat one. So I ate a few more. Don't worry, there are still some left. I promise. Well, there are right now. I can't make any guarantees for ....ten minutes in the future.

Tip of the Day: I think you can all see where this is going. Soften your butter. Alot. Put away your mixer. And roll up those sleeves. Result!


  1. mmmmmmm. can you make this in a toaster oven?

  2. just finished dinner... now looking at these... i need something chocolatey-oatmealey-chewey-yumm!