Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Fate of the Sugar Cookie Dough

Here I am, faced with four balls of sugar cookie dough, and nothing to do with them. Spring break, home, bored, and with a blank canvas of cookie dough in front of me.
What else could I do but have a cookie decorating party?!
My friends Bina, Miriam and Racheli showed up ready to cut out and decorate cookies to their hearts content, and we hit the kitchen with cookie cutters, chocolate chips, melted white and dark chocolate and various icings.
I unearthed every cookie dough cutter I could find in the house, which included a host of numbers, letters, flowers, a few trains, stars and several huge detailed clowns.
We rolled out the dough, and Racheli immediately stamped out three huge stars, taking up more than her share of dough. She claimed she needed them big "to be able to decorate them." Please.
Here is one of her illustrious finished products:I, of course, when faced with cookie cutter letters felt the need to spell out and decorate my own name:

Bina, on the other hand, was struck with inspiration of some kind, and created her modern art piece entitled "1, 2, 3 Clown":
Thats one of the clown cookie cutters which she decorated with an exclamation point. Because it's modern art. I firmly maintain that her 2 is actually an upside down 5.
I countered her work with an art installation of my own, entitled "Butterfly, 3, Train":
Bina also created a treble clef (right?) out of a modified question mark. And then decorated it rather unfortunately:
We also decorated some before baking, with chocolate chips. I also balled up some of the trimmings at the end and hid some chocolate chips inside. Surprise!
BUT WAIT! Even after all this, there is still some cookie dough left! What will become of it??
Come back here at the end of this week to find out its fate!

Tip of the Day: Store bought frosting can easily be dyed with food coloring to whatever shade you need. For black frosting start with chocolate, and stir in a few drops of black.


  1. 4 balls of sugar cookie dough never make it to the rolling out stage at my house. If I need to make some for an event, I think it's written into our marriage contract that I make an unbaked batch for my husband. That I nibble on while he's gone all day and can't protect it.

  2. Your blog is super cute! I always like to see what you make and wish I could taste it! :) I've had a few of these cookie making parties, though my cookies always turn out rather horrid looking. An artist I am not, but I do enjoy eating them...

  3. If you have an interest in selling cookies or cookie dough for a fundraiser there is a website called Easy Fundraising Ideas that has about 10 different Cookie Dough Fundraising programs and they don't cost anything to start.

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